Josia Elliott hails from a small Mountain Town in Wyoming.

At age 7, Josia went to Meadowlark Elementary School where she majored in:

  • field trips
  • lying about how many laps she’d done in P.E class, and
  • recess

In 3rd grade, she was cast in the Annual Dental Health Play as a giant box of dental floss. (She may or may not have fibbed about how many cavities she’d had that year to win the role.)

Josia’s formative years found her growing in both shoe size and gumption, leading her to push the envelope and gain laughter from her peers by pulling improvisational pranks and acting out scenes from popular-at-the-time movies. She admits she probably went too far, that one time, when she asked her 6th grade teacher to “draw her like one of his french girls” but still thinks detention and counseling and a restraining order were a wee bit alarmist.

Upon graduation Josia decided college was not for her, so, armed with imaginary friends, cavities and a deep desire for things impossible to learn in a classroom, she set forth into the world.

One evening, she found herself at an open mic in Fort Collins, Colorado. She told some jokes, got some laughs and nearly peed her pants from fright. She knew she’d found her calling. The local comedians took her in as one of their own, calling her “talented” and “edgy” and “lopsided“. They said all of this while looking at her boobs. Encouraged, determined, and strangely aroused, she moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of world domination…

And so far, it’s coming along. You can now (barely) see Josia in Tenacious D‘s music videos “Roadie” and “Rise of the Fenix”, guest starring with various sketch comedy groups around Los Angeles, or yukking it up on the Main Stage at the World Famous Comedy Store. In May of 2013, Josia brought laughs back to her homeland of Wyoming with the ‘May There Be Comedy Tour’ alongside fellow Wyoming-raised comic Brandt Tobler. In October of 2013, Josia embarked on a 4 state, multi-city Comedy and Blues tour with musician Micah Wyatt and the Barefoot Band. In 2014 Josia has appeared in several viral Buzzfeed videos, one of which was featured on a Canadian Prime Time news show.

You can look forward to seeing Josia on tour in a town near you in the fall of 2014.

8 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Matt Lakin says:

    Josie. Nice bio I thought it was funny and informative! Good luck and ur tour and good job doing what u love!! Woohoo

  2. chocolate D says:

    great definition in the knee caps

  3. robert crow says:

    Hello Josia. I’m a friend of your mums. Everytime I see her she raves about you! Hope you can perform soon back in fort collins.



  4. Norma Pomerleau says:

    You are a RIOT!!! Keep yuckin’ it up!!! (You may remember me…I work with your mom at the Health District and did IMPROV with you.) I hope to catch one of your gigs one of these days.

  5. Michael says:

    Looking good! Hope all is well.

  6. Bonnie Bischoff says:

    Hi Josia! Wonderful article in the paper. I laughed several times at your fun wit, stories and remembering you in middle school . I always thought you were delightfully funny, creative and full of life beyond Buffalo.You wrote really good stories too! Best to you! Hugs and more Hugs! Mrs. Bischoff
    Penquinskickass….sound familiar

  7. Bob in PDX says:

    Like Mother, like daughter! Both so talented and beautiful!!

    Bob in PDX

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