JosiaJosia Elliott is a Los Angeles based producer and comic.

She is the creator, producer and host of a “Main Street Comedy” in Santa Monica, which has been running for two years and counting.

Prior to “Main Street Comedy”, she Co-Created, Co-Ran and Co-Produced two successful LA comedy shows that ran for 1.5 years: Token Straight White Dude and Women’s Comedy Collective. Championing diversity and inclusiveness within the LA comedy scene caught the ire of Breitbart. They wrote a strongly worded article about Token Straight White Dude, and CNN interviewed her about the show.

Josia assisted the CEO,  the Head of Digital/Branded Content and Head of Literary at Brady Brannon Rich Talent Agency (BBR) where she honed her business knowledge of the FILM/TV/DIGITAL landscapes…. and grew that thick skin everyone in Hollywood talks about.

While at BBR, Josia learned that it is crucial for creatives to be proactive in their career. Josia made it her mission to help up-and-coming creatives create tools to further their career goals.

Josia believes having an album and visual tape are useful promotional tools comedians can add to their repertoire. As such, she created and teaches a class called, “Record Your Own Comedy EP!” Over a 4 week time period, comics hone their sets with various Late Night Comedy Writers. At the end of class, Josia hosts an EP album taping. It’s pretty awesome.

Josia’s passion for helping others realize their potential lead her to create and manage an Entertainment Industry Career Coaching Group called “GOAL CRUSHERS”. The group has over 450 active members.  She created GOAL CRUSHERS because she “saw a need” and wanted her peers to be “set up for success and connecting to one another while working towards clear, specific, measurable goals”.

Most visibly, Josia has starred in over 15 viral videos with Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, views totaling over 66.2 Million on Youtube (Over 300 Million views on Facebook).

She has toured as a stand-up comedian, and has performed at Flappers, The World Famous Comedy Store, etc.

She acted as the production manager for an international commercial w/ Earth Friendly Products, and as the Production Coordinator on a National PSA for Mercy for Animals staring Andy Dick and musician Moby. (Yes, she has an Andy Dick story).

She has worked as a writer/producer at FOX DIGITAL on TOP 30, Dish Nation, Divorce Court and The Spoke. Her work as an Associate Producer on branded content can currently been seen on display at LAX International Airport (Tom Bradley).

You can also just barely see Josia in two Tenacious D music videos: Roadie and Rise of the Phoenix.