JosiaJosia Elliott is a Los Angeles based producer and comic.  You probably know her from her work with Buzzfeed.  In 2017, she released her debut comedy album “That’s Funny”, which is available online.  She is currently a producer for All3 Media, runs a screen writing class called “Start Your Damn Pilot”, and hosts a booked open mic in Santa Monica called “Main Street Comedy”.  She also runs a career-oriented coaching group called, “Goal Crushers”, where she helps 500+ members work towards clear, specific, measurable goals.

Prior to “Main Street Comedy”, she Co-Created, Co-Ran and Co-Produced two kickass LA comedy shows that ran for 1.5 years: Token Straight White Dude and Women’s Comedy Collective. Championing diversity and inclusiveness within the LA comedy scene caught the ire of Breitbart. They wrote a strongly worded article about Token Straight White Dude.  While CNN interviewed her about the show, it never aired because the election happened shortly afterwards. Makes sense.

In a past life, Josia worked at a talent agency, where she honed her business knowledge of the FILM/TV/DIGITAL landscapes and grew that thick skin everyone in Hollywood talks about.  She’s managed her own sponsored comedy tour in 2014 with Brandt Tobler, has produced a few national commercials, has an Andy Dick story, and associate produced content that is currently on display at LAX International Airport (Tom Bradley). 

You can also just barely see Josia in two Tenacious D music videos: Roadie and Rise of the Phoenix.